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Park working bee: Sunday 27 November, 10 am to midday

Friends of South Surrey Park Inc invite you to help spread mulch on an area to be planted next year. Meet: near the existing plantation below Delta Street Bring: Family, friends and other willing workers Old newspapers to lay underneath the woodchips and wheel barrows, pitchforks and shovels to spread the chips Wear: sensible work clothes, including sturdy footwear, gloves and a sunhat, and bring a raincoat in case of forecast rain Stay afterwards for free, drinks, bickies and a chat Please note: The Committee of Friends of South Surrey Park (Registration Number A 0032389N) advises volunteers that you attend park activities at your own risk

South Surrey Park News November 2005

Author: Phil Crohn On the last Sunday in October, twenty three volunteers, including local MLA Rob Clark, City Councillor Dick Menting, and staff from the City Council and Melbourne Water, enjoyed a warm breezy morning to plant about 2400 seedlings on the east bank of the creek near Riversdale Road. We planted a lot of extra grasses, daisies, shrubs and trees to thicken up last August’s plantation, as well as extending it further down to the creek and northwards along the top of the bank, before enjoying Peppy’s famous barbecue. Over the following Wednesdays we planted a couple of hundred more grasses, daisies and shrubs in the same area, as well as a few more below Delta and Anderson Streets, and of course the usual weeding and litter collecting. This Sunday 27 November we’ll return to the much worked site below Delta Street, to mulch another small area to plant next year. Meet there at 10 am, wearing sensible work clothes including sunhat, sturdy footwear and gl