Friends Of South Surrey Park News - April 2007

Last week we began the twelfth year of formal FSSP activities with our Annual General Meeting at the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre Cottage. The existing committee was re-elected unopposed, then we were entertained and informed by guest speaker Geoff Lay with his brilliant photographs of fascinating fungi. Thanks Geoff for helping us to appreciate the beauty of these amazing organisms, and their importance in our environment, and inspiring us to learn more about them.

Monthly working bees will commence at 10 am this Sunday 29 April, with some weeding, planting and tidying along the creek below Union Road, then continue on our usual last Sunday of the month. Please join us from 10 am for a couple of hours of easy work. Bring family, friends and other willing workers. Wear sturdy footwear and sunhat. Bring a raincoat, workgloves and enthusiasm. Stay afterwards for free drinks and bickies.

Our provisional calendar for the rest of this year is:

  • 27 May - more creekside planting below Union Road
  • 24 June – clean up Riversdale Road embankment
  • 29 July - lay mulch mat on Riversdale Road embankment
  • 26 August – start planting Riversdale Road embankment
  • 30 September – more planting on Riversdale Road embankment
  • 28 October – yet more creekside planting below Union Road
  • 25 November – prepare new area to be planted in 2008.

Wednesday workers have been busy since February, and are now gearing up for the planting season. Next Wednesday 2 May we’ll return to Sunday’s work site near Union Road, 9 May near Delta Street, and 16 May near Riversdale Road. Please join us from 10 am for a couple of hours of weeding, pruning, planting and tidying up. Wear sturdy footwear and sunhat, bring a raincoat (we can always hope…), drink bottle, workgloves, basic hand tools and enthusiasm.

Remember that involvement in Friends of South Surrey Park activities is at your own risk and the Friends' insurance only covers Public Liability, so you are urged to buy personal accident insurance.

For up to date details of Park activities, or to receive this newsletter electronically, email or phone 9836 3329.

If you have not yet joined this blog just login at then use "post" then "publish" to create a blog entry.

Memberships for 2007 are now due, so please print off and complete the membership form below and forward $20 per household, or $10 for individuals and concession holders (GST included) to our Honorary Treasurer, Frank Horwill, 48 Essex Road, phone 9836 6353.

Our next committee meeting is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 15 May, so if there is any topic you would like to discuss with the committee, contact chair Pam Welsford on 9830 5178 or secretary Ursula Povey on 9836 6149

Recently the historic big footbridge, first built in 1936, was substantially reconstructed, and should give many more years of safe service. Plans are still being discussed to replace the small footbridge with a more flood resistant design, about fifteen metres further upstream, connecting with a new path from the platform table. More from or 9278 4595.

Work in South Surrey Park is brought to you through the efforts of the Friends of South Surrey Park, a voluntary group working closely with the local community, Boroondara City Council and Melbourne Water. For more information about your local Park, contact any committee member listed below.

  • Pam Welsford (Chair) 9830 5178
  • Ursula Povey (Secretary) 9836 6149
  • Frank Horwill (Treasurer) 9836 6353
  • Philip Crohn (Publicity) 9836 3329
  • Stuart Paxton 9836 0893
  • Peter Campbell 9836 5324
  • Maggie White 9888 4479


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